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iPhone & Android
Control Panel

Our clients can have the ability to manage their web hosting accounts through their iPhone with direct access to the eXtend control panel.


iPhone Control Panel Features

  •       Manage your domain names
  •       Manage you hosting accounts
  •       Get status update
  •       OneClick install CGI scripts
  •       Backup & restore your websites
  •       Log in to your webmail

eXtend 2.0 Control Panel

cp_addons.pngeXtend is a web-based environment that puts you firmly in control of your web hosting, meaning that our control panel is tailored just for our customers and their needs.

All the sections within eXtend can be moved in to any order you want at any time, with our simple click and drag system. Additionally 'Account info' gives you the information you need in just one glance. Instantly keep a track of how much web space, bandwidth and databases you have used.

eXtend's advanced file manager keeps you in control of your website.



Manage email and email boxes easily.



Install popular scripts such as WordPress in just one click.